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How Using Video on Social Media Can Reduce Your Per Click Costs By Up To 80%

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We're sure you know that effective video marketing is a powerful way to get your products and/or services out there but do you know exactly how effective video is?

The Case for Video

Unbounce reports that having a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. The reasons, they claim, include:

Visitors spend more time on the site watching videos, giving your brand message time to sink in.Videos featuring yourself or employees increase trust levels.People prefer to watch than to read.

Indeed, research shows that consumers overwhelmingly prefer learning about new products or services via video (68 percent). 

Social Media and Video

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube...these social media platforms offer organizations ample opportunities for targeted marketing but the way these platforms are best utilized has shifted.

Video has become consumers' favorite type of content, according to Oberlo, and 73 percent of consumers have been impacted by a brand's social media presence. Put the two together (video and social media) and you have the perfect recipe for a successful marketing campaign.

Animoto reports that 88 percent of marketers are happy with their ROI on video marketing and 93 percent say they have converted new customers simply due to video on social media. 

Most Popular Social Media Platforms

According to Animoto's research, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook were the most popular platforms used by marketers.

Unsurprisingly, these platforms have the most users. Facebook claims to have around 2.7 billion users; Instagram has 77.6 million active users; and YouTube reports having 1.3 billion users. Combined with easy-to-use, targeted marketing tools, these platforms offer organizations countless opportunities to reach their audiences in a much more cost-effective way.

According to Cisco, video will dominate internet traffic and represent 80 percent of all internet traffic by the year 2021. Additionally, global internet video users will reach nearly 1.9 billion.

PPC Costs on Facebook

For most businesses, the average cost per click on Facebook is $1.50 but experts suggest that using video cuts costs significantly - 10 percent of the cost of other types of ads, to be exact.

Using video rather than carousel or static ads, thus, results in a significan increase in ROI.

Not All Videos Are Created Equal

While everyone with a smartphone can take a video, it stands to reason the most successful video marketing campaigns are those handled with finesse and professionalism. 

Online viewers will abandon a video for poor quality or those that fail to start up within the first 2 seconds, according to research, which means your video marketing campaign should be created with the consumer's lack of patience in mind.

Since 85 percent of the most shared posts on Facebook in 2017 were videos, you want to make sure the videos they are sharing of your brand are engaging and are drawing people in. According to SocialMediaToday, the top three emotions evoked from video that led to sharing included:

  • Awe (25 percent)

  • Laughter (17 percent)

  • Amusement (15 percent)

This means your video marketing should tap into the emotions of those who see it to increase the likelihood that it will be shared across platforms. Videos are retweeted six times more often than static images or GIFs which means your message has the potential to reach millions of users, provided it is share-worthy.

Clearly, using social media to promote your product or service videos, is a cost-effective way to build your brand and establish new customers. It can be overwhelming to try to develop a video marketing campaign that will work. Many organizations struggle with creating a successful campaign with challenges from budgeting to unoriginal content to rushing the work.

At Social Motion Films, we combine our expertise in creativity and video creation with marketing to produce results, no matter where you are on your marketing journey. We invite you to contact us today so we can discuss what your goals are and evaluate the best video marketing options for you.

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