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Video Marketing Case Study

Explore Our Video Marketing Case Study and Witness the Spectacular Results Achieved for Top Brands


Goal: Create an engaging and informative promotional video for use on Amazon Sponsored Ads that would differentiate Champion's unique product benefits. 


Results: This video marketing case study demonstrates the client's ongoing success in running this promotional video for over 12 months, at a 7% ACOS or $100 of sales for every $7 of Ad spend.  

Vitamin Friends 

Goal:  Vitamin Friends is a leading provider of supplements for children. Their marketing team requested a unique video that would both capture the playfulness of their brand as well as highlight why their iron gummies were a better choice for kids with Iron deficiency. 


Results:  We designed and produced a unique stop motion video that completely told their story via the gummies and won the hearts and minds of parents. A 25%+ lift was recorded in sales after the video was used across social sites and Amazon. 

Pilot Pen 

Goal:  Pilot Pen engaged Social Motion for a promotional video to highlight the excitement behind the launch of their new  G2 Gel pens to the B2B market. The marketing team requested a high-end modern approach that would communicate the unique design and masculine styling.


Results:  With its 3D design and unique space age settings the video was a great success in helping the brand launch., so much so that it was followed up with a number of new videos for their Pilot Frixon erasable line. 

Doctor's Best 

Goal: Create an engaging brand video that would represent Doctors' Best as a leader for quality, trusted supplements. 

Results: This video marketing case study reveals an impressive outcome, as the client's YouTube channel garnered over 60,000 organic views within the first month of its launch, making it the most successful video launch they had for a brand video.

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