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Silent Video in Video Marketing

The silent video has made a comeback, believe it or not. It's also making a significant comeback, with the vast majority of the material on major social media platforms being seen without sound.While 51% of marketing professionals worldwide cite that, video is the most effective kind of content in terms of ROI (Return on Investment), video should be a part of your marketing plan. You can use images to effectively convey your message, or you can just add written words to the video itself. Let's delve into the tips that make an effective silent video.

Let your caption standout

Video is an amusing medium in that it relies heavily on eye-catching images. You have a limited amount of time to show a video and attract attention. For instance, the default setting on most sites, such as Facebook, is for videos to auto-play in your newsfeed without sound. 85% of short videos that are viewed on Facebook are watched without sound. As a result, the objective is to optimize your films such that they operate well both with and without sound.

Captions help in explaining key concepts or simply narrating a story. Also, they make your content shareable. If you want to captivate your audience with your video, consider starting with a question or something that will provoke them. This grabs the attention of your audience and ensures that they stick around while trying to get an answer.

Make use of captivating visuals

You only have 3 seconds to grab and hold your audience's attention. If that doesn't happen, they'll browse past your content, wasting the rest of it. Therefore, you must include a powerful visual at the start of your video. This will help you to convert, whether the viewer is watching on silent or with the sound on. It may also be worthwhile to include a clear headline on your opening slide that explains the benefit your film will give. Also, convey your message simply and clearly to captivate your audience with a clear branding message to help you market your product or services.

Use great imagery

Video is a fun medium since it largely relies on eye-catching imagery. You only have a few seconds to present a video and get people's attention. Create high-quality videos that can capture consumers' attention even on a phone's screen. Colour has a significant role in this. It's important to take a close look at your brand colors and incorporate them into any video you create. If your audience has previously been served by your brand, they will identify particular feelings with it, and the colors used in your logo, for example, will help to evoke those emotions in the video.

You'll require a video. While 80 percent of marketers say video has helped their company's bottom line, video can be costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. Learn how we make it simple to create consistent video content. Contact us today, to learn more.

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