Great  Videos For Your Brand


How We Got Started

Giving back to community is where our story began.


At a chance meeting in 2015, Daniel Cohen (holding the airplane), an award-winning commercial film director from the U.K., and Michael Arking (in leather), an eCommerce veteran and entrepreneur, both volunteered for a New Jersey based non-profit.


We quickly realized that we had lots in common. Family values, creative interests and a passion for

our work.


Meeting over lunch, we discussed the shift in need for brands from traditional TV commercials to more nimble and affordable video content.


The industry was lagging behind with the kind of creative content that was needed to both sell products and engage audiences across social media.


We realized that our combined skill sets of eCommerce marketing and great storytelling could bring a whole new dynamic to video content and help companies sell more.


Today, our team of 20+ Motioneers creates engaging video content for companies and brands across the globe that you know and others you will come to know.

Get to Know Our Team

We understand that making a great video is never done by one person. It takes a team, a group of experienced professionals with unique perspectives who join together to build great ideas that sell great brands. Our talented group of accomplished strategists, directors, artists, producers, copywriters, videographers and ecommerce experts love working together to bring your product and brand stories to life.

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