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Why You Should Invest in Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads?

Why You Should Invest in Amazon-Sponsored Brand Video Ads

One challenge Amazon sellers face is conveying the brand effectively to shoppers through text and images. However, you can overcome this by utilizing Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads. These videos let you show off your brand in a smart way and get people interested in buying.

What is an Amazon Sponsored Video Ads?

Amazon-sponsored video ads refer to videos exclusive to members of the Amazon Brand Registry. These ads are strategically positioned within the Amazon platform. It appears alongside traditional product ads approximately halfway down the page.

Unlike image ads, video offers a dynamic way to showcase your brand story and product offerings. These ads can catch people's attention because they use both sight and sound. It provides a unique opportunity to captivate potential customers and drive sales.

These video ads allow you to share your brand's story and highlight key product features. It provides shoppers with valuable insights into what sets your offerings apart.

By leveraging the power of storytelling, you can establish an emotional connection with your audience, fostering trust and loyalty. Sponsored video ads enable you to convey your brand message effectively and drive engagement.

Why you need to use Amazon Sponsored Video Ads?

Videos provide a compelling medium to explain your product but many other factors come into play when selling products on Amazon. Here are some reasons you need to use Amazon Video Ads:

1. Videos are more likely to attract clicks than digital ads:

Videos are generally more engaging compared to still images or text. Their Click Through Rate (CTR) is 7.5 times higher than display ads so they are likely to be more effective in advertising your products on Amazon.

2. Videos help you to show how to use the product: 

People may not be convinced to buy products that require active use if they don't see a demonstration of how to use them. Videos allow sellers to show a product in use through a short video clip. 


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3. They are still new to Amazon sellers:

You have the opportunity to overtake many sellers still stuck in traditional ways since video ads are still new on Amazon. The feature was released only last year. 

4. Most people are visual learners:

Most people tend to remember most videos they have watched and often use them as reference points. A video ad is likely to stick in the minds of the audience for a long time to come and may shape their buying decisions.

5. Targeted Audience 

These ads are highly targeted, meaning that you can specifically target consumers interested in the type of products or services you offer. 

6. Affordable Option

Sponsored Video Ads are relatively affordable compared to other advertising types such as television commercials.

7. Flexible

They provide a high degree of flexibility, so you can customize your ad campaign to meet your specific goals.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads Examples

1. Coca-Coal Original Taste

Coca-Cola knows the power of simplicity. In their sponsored brand video ad, they showcase their iconic beverage in all its glory. 

The video utilizes autofocus to highlight the refreshing pour of cola into a glass. With each fizz and bubble, viewers feel like they're treating themselves to something special.

This simple yet impactful video captures the essence of Coca-Cola's original taste, leaving a lasting impression on thirsty shoppers.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

2. Goldfish Cheddar Crackers, Snack Crackers

Goldfish know that snacks aren't just about satisfying hunger; it's also about igniting creativity. In their video, they showed the cool ways you can do it with a burst of imagination.

Through hybrid motion, the video showcases ideas and processes on how to use the product creatively.

Goldfish shows different options that make people think about snacks in new ways. With its playful and dynamic visuals, this video ad effectively highlights the product's versatility and appeal to a wide audience.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

3. Panera Bread Hazelnut Creme Coffee Pods

Panera Bread uses live action and autofocus to show off the natural ingredients and richness of their products. The video skillfully highlights the product's richness and creaminess. 

With each frame, viewers are transported to a world of flavor, where every sip promises a delightful experience. Through its innovative approach, Panera Bread effectively conveys quality and sophistication, enticing viewers to enjoy it.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

4. Purina Beyond, Cat and Dog, Wet and Dry - Natural

Purina Beyond made a video for their natural food for cats and dogs, showing how good it is from all angles. Using a hybrid motion style, the video brings to life the natural ingredients and rich flavors that define the brand.

From farm to bowl, viewers get treated to a visual feast, highlighting the healthy richness of the products.

Purina Beyond's Amazon-sponsored brand video ad, with its compelling storytelling and emphasis on natural goodness, is guaranteed to create an impression.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

5. Iberia

Iberia is good at telling interesting stories. The video uses stop-motion animation to bring the brand's diverse range of products to life and interesting.

However, it's not only about displaying products; Iberia's video goes the extra mile by inspiring cooking ideas.

The video suggests creative ways to incorporate Iberia's products into everyday meals. It inspires viewers to unleash their inner chef and experiment with new ideas.

By using visual appeal, Iberia's Sponsored Brand Video Ad stands out as an example of how to engage with Amazon shoppers.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

6. Nature's Bounty Mood

In the realm of health and wellness, Nature's Bounty Mood sets the bar high with an innovative Amazon Sponsored Brand Video. This video takes a hybrid motion approach to convey the brand's commitment to delivering innovative vitamins and supplements.

What sets Nature's Bounty Mood apart is its emphasis on well-being. The video tells a story using a powerful brand story video. It shows how the brand has been committed to combining nature and science and continues for the next years and beyond.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

7. IQBAR - Keto Protein Bars - For Smart Mouths

IQBAR demonstrates the power of video marketing with its captivating video. This video utilizes a hybrid motion style to highlight the brand's nutritional benefits and diverse flavors. 

The use of hybrid motion adds a dynamic element to the video. It makes people interested to see more of what IQBAR has to offer.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

8. Folgers So Many Ways

Another standout example of Amazon Sponsored Brand Video is Folgers "So Many Ways" video. In this video, Folgers shows different ways people can enjoy their coffee, like making it cold, adding ice, or having it hot like usual.

The video uses a live-action style, you'll see exciting shots of cold brews poured over ice, creamy lattes made, and hot cups of coffee being prepared.

Each scene is complemented by upbeat music creating a sense of energy and excitement.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

9. Revitalize Your Health: Opportunities Powders for Vital Live

In this example, the brand takes viewers on a journey to vitality with its range of health powders. The video uses a hybrid motion style to showcase the quality, benefits, and versatility of their products.

The brand uses engaging visuals and concise messaging to communicate effectively why its products are great for people who care about their health. It makes it clear why they are a must-have for health-conscious consumers.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

10. Nature's Bakery: Baked with a Smile

Nature's Bakery takes a different approach with its Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ad. They focus on the heart and soul behind their baked goods. Using a motion graphics style, the video traces the brand's history, from humble beginnings to beloved brand.

Nature's Bakery shares the story of its commitment to quality ingredients and baking methods. Viewers are taken to the kitchen, where each product is made with care and filled with love.

The video invites viewers to join the brand on a journey of flavor and nostalgia.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Examples

Are you intrigued by the potential of Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads but don’t know where to start? Dive deeper into the world of video advertising on Amazon. Explore our Amazon, Social Media, and CTV Sponsored Brand Video Guide.

Still not convinced of the effectiveness of Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads? Let the numbers speak for themselves.

According to a Statistica report conducted in October 2023, a whopping 38.87 percent of respondents expressed support for Amazon's decision to incorporate ads into its Prime Video platform. 

This statistic shows the growing acceptance of Amazon Prime video advertising. Investing in sponsored brand video ads is a smart move because it helps reach interested viewers and get connected.

Ready to take your knowledge of Amazon Brand Video to the next level?

Explore our blog post Amazon Brand Video 101: A Blueprint for Engaging Your Audience. In this blog post, we delve into how Sponsored Brand Ads work on Amazon, where Sponsored Display Video Ads appear on the platform, eligibility criteria, and step-by-step instructions for setting up a Sponsored Brands Video Ad campaign. 

This provides valuable insights and strategies to help you maximize the impact of your Amazon advertising efforts. Read more to learn about this powerful marketing tool and drive results for your business.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads are a fantastic way for businesses to grab attention, boost sales, and stand out online. With cool videos, you can use pictures, sound, and movement to create fun experiences that people love.

Now, are you ready to show off your brand with videos? Let us help you make it happen!

Check out our Amazon Creative Services for brands and view samples for inspiration.


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