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15 Standout Giant Food Commercial 2023

Updated: Apr 1

Get inspired by the best giant food commercials of 2023. Explore trends and creativity that set brands apart.

In the dynamic world of advertising, where brands vie for attention and consumer engagement, these giant food commercial 2023 emerged as examples of creativity and impact. These commercials leveraged innovative product and brand storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.

In a study by BMC Public Health, researchers explored how food advertisements influence consumer choices. They found that exposure to food ads increased cognitive load, influencing food choices. The study shows how advertising and thinking are connected, giving us more knowledge about why people choose certain foods.

Let's explore some of the most memorable giant food commercials of 2023 that captured hearts and taste buds alike.

1. KFC Red Hot Chicken

The Lunar New Year brings with it not only festivities but also some creative marketing strategies. KFC's Red Hot Chicken 2023 giant food advertisement takes the spotlight with its visually stunning portrayal of a mountain-like setup of spicy chicken in a bucket. 

The slow-motion style and close-up shots used in the video add a touch of elegance. Also, it makes the experience of watching KFC's spicy chicken almost cinematic. This video cleverly communicates the satisfying and irresistible allure of KFC's hot chicken.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - KFC Red Hot Chicken

2. Kroger

Kroger took a different approach by utilizing character animation to convey its brand message. The video focused on bringing new traditions to the table and the magical moments that arise from sharing food with loved ones. 

Through vibrant and dynamic animation, Kroger depicted heartwarming scenes of togetherness and joy. It emphasizes the importance of connection, togetherness, and creating cherished memories.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Kroger Commercial


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3. Super Mario x OREO

The Super Mario x OREO giant food advertisement is like a fun adventure with cookies and video games. Imagine your favorite cookies teaming up with the famous video game Super Mario.

In this commercial, OREO cookies come to life and turn into game pieces like in the Super Mario games we love to play. You'll see OREO cookies jumping and rolling around like they're in a video game world. It's like they're on a mission, dodging obstacles and collecting points, just like in Super Mario's games. 

It's a super cool and playful commercial that brings together two iconic brands. Watching it feels like going on a fun adventure filled with cookies and nostalgia for the classic video game.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Super Mario x OREO


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4. PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial

PopCorners Super Bowl 2023 commercial takes inspiration from the popular series Breaking Bad. In the original series, the characters create a special blue-colored crystal meth. However, in this commercial, the characters create something entirely different - PopCorners chips. The ad replaces the illegal drug with a delicious snack, showing the versatility and appeal of PopCorners.

In this ad, we see the lead characters acting like they're cooking PopCorners chips, like Breaking Bad. They deal the chips to buyers instead of drugs, adding a humorous twist to the narrative. 

By using the famous series to advertise PopCorners products, this commercial effectively captures the big Super Bowl event.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial

5. Arby's Commercial 2023

Arby's commercial in 2023 highlights the rich ingredients that go into their burgers. The ad shows yummy bacon piled onto the burger, with dressing poured over the top. The video uses high-quality and close-up shots to emphasize flavorful Arby's burgers.

Arby's aims to entice viewers with the promise of a satisfying burger experience. It effectively conveys the brand’s message of Arby's burgers' high-quality ingredients and flavors.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Arby's Commercial 2023

6. Burger King Commercial 2023

The Burger King commercial for 2023 introduces a budget-friendly meal option for customers. The ad emphasizes affordability and value by showing a variety of delicious options to its customers. It highlights the affordability and quality of the brands' products. 

Burger King aims to attract budget-conscious consumers while also satisfying viewers' cravings. 

The ad captures vibrant visuals and enticing close-up shots of the burger. It effectively entices consumers looking for a delicious meal at an affordable price. 

Showing value menu options and emphasizing the great value for money is also a great ad strategy. Burger King positioned itself as a top choice for satisfying cravings without breaking the bank.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Burger King Commercial 2023

7. Dairy Queen Commercial 2023

In Dairy Queen's commercial for 2023, the focus is on a basket filled with fries, chicken, and onion rings. The ad introduces a unique twist by featuring fries and onion rings together. It is a delightful pairing that might seem unusual to everyone but is made possible by Dairy Queen.

The ad conveys the brand message that you can find happiness in good food. This shows that they are not just about ice cream but also offer a wide range of food options. The brand highlights its commitment to providing diverse menu options. 

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Dairy Queen Commercial 2023


IHOP's 2023 commercial introduces an exciting new addition to its menu – pancake tacos. The video showcases the innovative concept of folding pancakes to create taco shapes. This idea offers a unique and budget-friendly option for IHOP's consumers. 

IHOP's commercial not only introduces their new menu item but also emphasizes affordability. It highlights the fact that consumers can enjoy tacos for a very reasonable price. They encourage viewers to try and experience the various flavors of pancake tacos. 

Through this creative and playful approach, IHOP aims to capture the attention of customers looking for a unique and enjoyable dining experience, all at an affordable price.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - IHOP

9. Aldi Christmas Advert 2023

Aldi's commercial for 2023 brings viewers into a magical world where vegetables come to life as characters. The video features a charming group of vegetable friends visiting a gravy-filled wonderland. Among the vegetable characters, everyone's favorite festive carrot takes center stage. It effectively adds a festive twist to the funny story. 

By incorporating vegetables as characters, Aldi creates a charming and imaginative narrative that captures the spirit of the holiday season. The ad celebrates the joy of sharing meals with loved ones. It also highlights Aldi's commitment to offering fresh products to consumers.

Through its creative storytelling, Aldi captures the spirit of the holiday season. The ad celebrates the joy of togetherness and the magic of Christmas through a heartwarming story.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Aldi Christmas Advert 2023

10. Pringles 'Best of Us'

Pringles' 'Best of Us' commercial takes a humorous approach. It shows a common scenario: getting your hand stuck in the Pringles can. This playful portrayal of a relatable situation adds a touch of humor and light-heartedness to the ad. This strategy makes it more engaging for viewers.

With a playful tone and mood video, the commercial encourages viewers to join in on the Pringles experience. It emphasizes the joy and excitement of snacking on Pringles crisps. The ad captures the attention of viewers and draws them into the world of Pringles. This shows how enjoyable it is to snack on Pringles and invites everyone to join the fun.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Pringles 'Best of Us'

11. Red Lobster 2023 Holiday Commercial

Red Lobster's 2023 commercial focuses on celebrating the holiday season with a feast of lobster and shrimp. The ad utilizes slow-motion and close-up shots to highlight their offerings. It shows the pouring of sauce over the food which helps increase viewers' cravings. The ad highlights Red Lobster's signature rich tastes and lavish dining experience.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Red Lobster 2023 Holiday Commercial

12. Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's keeps it simple yet enticing in their commercial. They focus on the sound, narration, and showing a table full of their brand products. The brand conveys the versatility of its products and positions them as ideal choices for various occasions. 

Jimmy John's aims to appeal to viewers' senses and cravings. They emphasize the crunchy sound of their chips and the delicious choices of menu items. The ad effectively communicates the brand’s message that Jimmy John has something for everyone. It's a straightforward yet effective portrayal of commitment to fresh, and tasty food for every occasion.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Jimmy John's

13. Fuel The Wag Dog Food Commercial

The Fuel The Wag Dog Food Commercial is all about celebrating the joy and happiness of our furry friends. Tail wagging is often a sign of joy and excitement in dogs. It indicates their happiness and contentment. The ad shows happy puppies with wagging tails, emphasizing the need for healthy and tasty food for their happiness.

Through heartwarming visuals, it creates a welcoming vibe for pet enthusiasts. It emphasizes the importance of nourishing pets with high-quality food and brings them genuine joy and happiness.

The commercial effectively shows how Fuel The Wag Dog Food helps dogs feel good. It tells that the brand cares about giving pets healthy meals.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Fuel The Wag Dog Food Commercial


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14. Cheez-It - Want It. Need It. Cheez-It.

Cheez-It creates an adventurous ad that captures the fun of enjoying Cheez-It crackers. The ad features a man sliding on the snow, determined to catch a box of Cheez-It. Despite facing obstacles, the man's determination to reach the Cheez-It box remains steady.

Through humorous product storytelling, the commercial conveys the irresistible appeal of Cheez-It crackers. The ad's fun vibe and the man's determination create a memorable impression. Viewers connect with the playful tone, creating a memorable brand experience.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Cheez-It - Want It. Need It. Cheez-It.

15. Freshpet In-Laws Commercial

The Freshpet In-Laws pet food advertising takes a humorous and relatable approach. It shows the brand's message about the quality and freshness of its pet food products. The commercial features a fun conversation between the mother and her in-law about Freshpet food stored in the fridge. The in-law, with a humorous twist, insists that it's not just dog food but Freshpet, which is as good as human food. 

Through witty dialogue, the ad effectively conveys Freshpet's brand message – it's not dog food; it's good food.

Giant Food Commercial 2023 - Freshpet In-Laws Commercial


The above giant food commercial 2023 demonstrates product storytelling and brand storytelling's influence. It shows how creativity and storytelling leave a lasting impression on viewers. It effectively shows the brand's unique selling prepositions and connects with viewers in a fun way.

In the tough market, food ads help brands stand out, create awareness, and engage consumers.

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