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7 Secrets That Can Make Your Next Marketing Video a Huge Success

Are you a senior marketing professional looking for more and better ways to sell your products? One of the best methods to attract potential customers is by using video marketing. In fact, people spend about one-third of their online time watching videos.

On the other hand, a bad video can do more harm than no video at all. Therefore, it's important to know how to successfully produce a high-quality video. Here are seven secrets that can make your next video a huge success, along with some considerations and warnings.

1. Create an Exceptional Introduction

When creating the introduction to your video, be sure it promises to inform, inspire or entertain. Consider that 20 percent of viewers abandon videos within only 10 seconds if they're uninterested in what they've seen. Thus, your introduction is critical in hooking viewers and making them want to view the entire video.

One way to grab their attention in your introduction is by asking questions that you think could be on their minds. What's more, consider introducing a common problem and then promise to show your viewers how to solve it.

2. Get to Your Point Quickly

The quicker you get to the point of your video; the more likely viewers will continue to listen to the entire presentation. In other words, sum up the purpose of your video, using minimal words, so your audience knows what it's about. If your viewers are clueless, regarding the point of your video, they probably won't stick around.

3. Use Testimonials, Case Studies and Product Reviews

One of the most effective ways to convince viewers that your brand is successful is by having testimonials by people who have benefited from your product. You could share case studies of people who used your product and were satisfied. Product reviews of happy customers can also be a way to attract people for using your brand.

4. Educate Your Viewers

Most people enjoy learning new things, so teach them what you think they'd like to learn or do better. There are several ways to accomplish this, such as showing potential customers how they can use your product. You could include helpful tips that can make it easier for them. Another idea is by creating an informative, free webinar that can give you credibility that your product can be trusted.

5. Make Your Video Entertaining

You may have a boatload of data to share, but your video can still be boring if your information isn't presented in a fun and entertaining way. It's a good idea to include humor in your video. Contrary to what you may have been told, humor can even be effective in the corporate world, provided it's done properly. Most people enjoy a good laugh and want to kick back and relax while learning something.

6. Get Optimal SEO Value

Although your video may be packed with useful information, it won't produce the results you want if it's hard to find. In other words, you need to get the most SEO value as possible from your video. Check to be sure that your video is tagged with strong, applicable keywords. When deciding on keywords, think about how viewers search for specific pages. For example, when new parents are looking for safe toys, they may type in keywords, such as "safe stuffed toys for infants".

7. End with a Call to Action

Finally, don't forget to end your video with a Call to Action. Invite your audience to visit your website or blog and/or sign up for a newsletter. Consider giving away something useful, such as an eBook or a free consultation, in exchange for names and email addresses. Chances are, your viewers will want to follow through if your video has fulfilled its purpose.

Other Considerations and Warnings

Instead of focusing your video on a sale, center it around a story.Make your video revolve around your viewers and their needs.If there are popular myths about what you're trying to promote, show evidence for why these misconceptions are false.Take advantage of shares, pins, tweets and retweets to improve SEO. Be sure your video is mobile friendly since there continues to be a significant increase in people using mobile devices to access the internet.

Creating an effective marketing video can be overwhelming for many people. We can help you showcase your brand, while entertaining your audience, which can result in increased sales. Please contact us and learn more about how we can help you.

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