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What Style of Video Production Is Best for Your Product?

Michael Arking

December 28, 2020

4 min read

Every brand deserves its own unique style of video production. You will build your own intros and outros, clever ways to integrate your logo, and interactive content to engage your viewers. Of course, the type and style of video you make will naturally also be shaped by the brand and product itself. Some styles of video are better for home services, some for B2B software, some for trendy retail, and each has it's own niche factors.

Today, we're here to help businesses of every brand and industry figure out which style of video production is best for promoting your product. No matter what that product might be. Join us as we dive into the five primary types of video and outline how each promotes a brand and product in their own way.

How-To Videos

The how-to video is incredibly popular in today's DIY culture. The common response to things like a broken sink is no longer to call a plumber, it's to look up the solution on Google. In fact "I'll just look it up on Google" is pretty much our response to everything which is why the how-to video is so incredibly powerful.

How-to videos are great for home services because they build authority positioning. Potential customers who enjoy your clear, easy to follow format will learn to trust your brand and the specific technicians on screen to guide them through both easy and hard situations. Make how-to videos for easy home fixes and then remind your viewers that for serious or dangerous situations, your team is ready to help.

How-to videos are also a great second line of defense if your product needs to be assembled. For many people, watching a video is so much easier to understand than printed instructions. Or maybe they lost the instructions. A brand with online instructional videos is a brand with grateful, loyal customers.

Funny Meme Videos

There's no telling when a video will go viral, but meme videos are far more likely to do so. Meme videos are, essentially, videos made with wacky graphics and often disjointed imagery that are designed to have more humor than content. Meme videos are a great way to get a slogan and catchy music into the heads of a younger audience. If you have kids who watch modern children's programming, you know what we're talking about.

Meme videos tend to be popular for retail brands aiming at younger customers or kids old enough to beg for birthday presents. But as Gen Y grows up, young adults are pretty into Memes these days as well.

Storytelling Videos

A great many videos tell a story, either with a scripted story-boarded arc or with real-life customer testimonials. As you have likely learned from social media marketing, audiences today love a good story. It's that human-interest angle. Stories are a powerful video style for any brand, but are especially effective for brands that cater to women or whose products are designed to create a real change in a customer's experience or lifestyle.

Storytelling is very popular for brands that provide products with health benefits including everything from anti-depressants to orthopedic shoes. But stories are also great at conveying B2B value in a way that is hard to otherwise explain with blurbs and promotional content about how your product changes the workflow and revenue of a business.

Professional Interview Videos

For brands looking to build authority positioning on a B2B level, professional and industry interviews are a great direction to go. Interviewing a different industry professional or covering new in-depth industry subjects with the same professional hosts in each episode is a great way to keep execs, technicians, and entrepreneurs coming back every week for a new talk.

Professional video interviews are great if your assumed watchers already understand the basics of your product but are looking for a business partner or software/product brand that shows thought-leadership. When your audience wants you to have a deep understanding of your shared industry and to provide interesting insights with every episode, professional interview videos are a great way to go.

Animated Infographic Videos

The final style we'll cover today is animated infographic videos. These videos take the concept of an infographic and transform it into an engaging and educational video experience. Animated infographics are excellent at conveying complicated ideas and processes that might otherwise be impossible to explain to a consumer-level audience.

Both B2B and consumer audiences love animated infographics that break down something interesting -- but complicated -- into animated bite-sized pieces. One great example might be how wind turbines turn wind into home electricity with an animation showing everything from the wind flow to the outlet step-by-step.

When you want to convey something important that takes a long-winded explanation to really convey the value, an animated infographic is the way to go.


Which type of video production is right for your brand and product? Chances are you saw a few options that might serve your goals. You can start with one, do a few test videos, or even start a few different series to target your full range of audience demographics and goals. For more on video production for your business, contact us today!

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