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Videos With the Highest Percentage of View Time

Videos are a highly-circulated form of information consumption on social media. However, certain types of videos tend to get more circulation across different platforms than others. While the social media platform itself does play a role, studies have suggested that people tend to prefer specific types of content. Below are types of videos with high percentages of videos watched per category.

Product Reviews

Impact places product reviews as one of the most-watched types of videos. Many influencers and popular vloggers reach their audiences by doing reviews of technological products, beauty products, and entertainment such as video games, popular television shows, and movies. Tubular Insights has even found that 64% of consumer electronics shoppers use YouTube to review electronics before purchasing them.


Tutorials on how to do certain, multi-step tasks or teaching others about certain content areas are also a highly viewed form of video. Since learning how to perform a skill on your own is a good way to save money, people across various age groups and demographics seek these types of videos out for a wide variety of reasons. For young, "Gen Z" folks from ages 18-24, YouTube was the highest preferred tool for lesson learning.


Videos that focus on question and answer, or "Q&A", can engage with video watchers more personally. These videos are beneficial to help viewers or potential consumers better understand a company, a product, or to get the know the people in the video better. Because these types of videos allow the viewers to choose their questions and interact directly with the video, they gain a lot of traffic.

While comedic, "haul" videos and vlogging videos gain massive amounts of views every day, they aren't as beneficial to conducting a business as the ones mentioned above. Using these types of videos to your advantage is sure to expand your consumer base and provide a good platform for running your business.

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