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Video Aspect Ratios: 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Consider It for Social Media Marketing

Updated: Feb 13

Video is a crucial part of social media marketing. It can help tell your story more vividly, paint a picture of authenticity and ensure customers have the best experience. However, marketers and brands need to consider investing in video production that fit multiple aspect ratios for social media marketing.

Below are four reasons why brands and marketers should invest in creating videos in multiple aspect ratios for social media marketing:

1. Provides Your Audience With Choices and Flexibility

Creating videos that the targeted audience can view in multiple ways provides them with more choice and flexibility, which leads to more engagement. People can watch these videos at home on their desktop, at work on their computer, or on their mobile phones. The more avenues for viewing your video, the greater your reach.

2. Helps Your Business Reach a Wider Audience

By creating videos that your target audience, like a digital can view in various ways, you're able to reach a wider group. They will access your videos from various devices with different aspect ratios.

3. Helps to Keep Content Fresh and Relevant

As new devices are released, your video content should be able to adapt and be viewed by your audience in a way that will best connect with them. You want to ensure that you're giving people fresh content relevant to their needs, whatever platform they're on.

4. Provides You with More Data and Feedback

By creating videos with multiple aspect ratios, you can use the video data to gain more insight into how people react to different video formats. This will help you understand how best to get your message across. It will also help you refine future campaigns and best practices.

Call the Best Video Services Partner

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About the Author

Michael Arking is the President and Co-founder of Social Motion, a leading video agency working with global brands including MARS, Nestle Sciences, and Panasonic. Contact Michael to learn more about how to leverage your video content for maximum impact.

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