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Is It Time to Build a Video Series About Your Brand?

Updated: Feb 13

Video marketing is one of the most profound conveyors of brand and message in the business. With today's audience growing desire for visual content and engaging brand experiences, video can get their attention through social media, embedded in blogs, and even in the YouTube directory alone. If your brand has begun making one-off videos and it's going well, eventually the question will arise:

"Is it time for our brand to start a video series?"

One-off videos can be powerful and are a great way to dip your toe in the water of video marketing. But many brands soon evolve into a series or even multiple series aligned with their audiences and marketing campaigns. Is your brand ready? Is a video series the right choice for your brand? Let's take a look at the four biggest signs that it's time for your brand to start crafting a video series beyond your one-off video productions.

You are Developing a Signature Style for Your One-Off Videos

As your team builds experience with video planning and production, most brands develop a routine and a style that is consistent from video to video. You may have honed your intro through a few one-offs until the opening audio and graphics are a clean and catchy hook. You may be developing a signature way to greet your audience and open your content. Your hosts may start evidencing signature sign-offs that get more consistent and somehow catchier with each video.

If this is true, then you're already half-way to building a series and your one-offs are at risk of becoming an unofficial series in their own right. There's nothing wrong with honing your brand's video style and you might as well start capitalizing on that style with a planned video campaign.

You Are Getting Ideas About How Videos can Chain Together

Often, once your team has come up with a dozen or so one-off videos, the ideas start to chain together and jump off from one to the next. When you get good at brainstorming for great video ideas, more than one great idea will occur in the same brainstorming session and those ideas may well form a consistent arc that would make a fantastic video series.

When your one-off video ideas begin to grow into chapters of an ongoing arc, you're ready to build a dedicated video series. And yes, it's absolutely OK to start with an inspired mini-series as you build up speed.

You Have Entire Video-Categories of Content You Could Film

For many brands, one-off videos start as a small slice of the total content you could film, especially if you try a few different video styles and content types. These one-offs often fall into larger categories that could become an entire archive of related videos. How-to videos and product manual videos are a prime example of how your videos can quickly become a series of one-offs even if you never intended them as an official series.

If you can see yourself doing dozens of unique and interesting videos within a single category or content type, it's time to develop that signature style and build it into a formal series that your audience will love.

Your Brand is Building a Video-Viewer Following

Speaking of the audience, sometimes demand sets your path even if you weren't yet thinking of starting a video series yet. If your one-offs are so popular that you're already building a YouTube video following of people waiting for the next video, you might as well start planning for the future. An eager fanbase is exactly what every brand wants when creating a video campaign and it's always best to strike while the iron is hot.

With an audience eager for your content, start building a plan for a video series that will keep their demand sated from week to week with a sequence of great videos in your popular signature style.

About the Author

Michael Arking is the President and Co-founder of Social Motion, a leading video agency working with global brands including MARS, Nestle Sciences, and Panasonic. Contact Michael to learn more about how to leverage your video content for maximum impact.

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