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Increasing your ROAS with Visual Identity

Updated: Feb 13

Let's talk about Visual Identity... what is and why it’s important in building your brand and increasing sales.

Visual Identity is the consistent use of designing your Ad’s or other posts (whether they are video or static images) to make your brand consistent and instantly recognizable. It’s more than just a logo, it can be a font type, color scheme, framing technique all used consistently over time across platforms to build brand trust.

Large brands have known this forever. What colors and shapes do you think of when you think about Tiffany & Co? That turquoise blue color? A heart pendant?

In a study by Edelman -Brand, trust is reported to be a deal breaker among consumers for 81% of purchases.

Your products may be selling well, however for real growth over time, consistency and brand trust are imperative.

A recent study suggests that Ad’s with the right visual identity have shown up to a 71% higher ROAS.

So how do you develop a consistent visual identity in your Ads?

  1. Place your logo throughout your ad or add it to interesting transitions.

  2. Anchor all your videos with your key brand colors, in posts and ads everywhere.

  3. Use a consistent font style throughout all your videos, this could be fun or serious depending on your brand's personality.

  4. Don’t crowd the frame with too many elements at once.

No matter what content you post, stay consistent, be recognizable, and watch your brand soar.

About the Author

Michael Arking is the President and Co-founder of Social Motion, a leading video agency working with global brands including MARS, Nestle Sciences, and Panasonic. Contact Michael to learn more about how to leverage your video content for maximum impact.

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