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A Great Product Video Can Help You Close Your Next Big Sale

Updated: 4 days ago

If you're looking for a leg up during your next sales meeting, opening the meeting with a video might be the way to go. A well-made video can stick in retailers' minds long after your presentation is over. It's a great way to promote the message of your brand and show off what you have to offer in a fun and entertaining package. Read on to learn more about how a great product video can help you close that next big deal.

Entertain Your Audience

The best videos stay with us because they speak to us on an emotional level. Maybe they make us laugh, tug at our heartstrings, or tell a great story. Keep this in mind when you're creating a video, as the goal of your video is to leave a lasting impression on your audience. While you do want to share information about your product, you don't have to do it in a dry or boring way. Think of the ways you connect with your favorite videos and incorporate some of those elements into your content. Keep the visuals bright and interesting, and don't just feature a talking head. A little bit of light humor here or there can also go a long way, and including short and engaging customer testimonials will help to give your video a more personal touch.

Promote Your Brand

Having a well-made, high-quality video shows potential buyers that you are serious enough to be taking time to highlight your brand. It can give the impression that you're prepared to market your product on television or the internet. Also having a consistent branding throughout all your content and messages can really help you get your ideas across concisely. Your brand is the personal identity of your company, and it helps potential customers connect with you on a more intimate level. A strong brand can't paint a picture of a trustworthy and credible company - one that never fails to deliver a great product.

Show Off Your Best

In addition to being entertaining, the goal of your video is to show off your product in a positive light. You can use your video to highlight special features and demonstrate how your product works. This is also a great opportunity to show off how it can help potential customers solve problems in their everyday lives. Retailers want to make sure they're working with brands whose products meet a need that their customers have. Use your video to bring your product to life.

Video Makes A Difference 

Video marketing wouldn't be such a huge industry if it didn't work to help companies sell their products and spread the word about what they do. More than half of marketing professionals say that video has the best ROI among content marketing strategies. And though video marketing has been growing exponentially over the past few years, it's not too late to get started. You'll want to make sure that your videos look professionally made, with great graphics, lighting, and sound. Just as a great video can have a positive impact on your brand and company, a poorly-made video can turn off potential buyers. 

Social Motion Films can help to showcase your products and entertain your audience. Over the years, we've worked with brands like Unilever, Pepperidge Farms, Panera Bread, and more to create unique videos that tell your brand's story and connect you to the world. If you're looking to incorporate video into your next sales meeting, now is a great time to get started. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for your company.  

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