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5 Corporate Videos Every Consumer Product Site Needs

Video is an important medium for any brand looking to boost both visibility and customer engagement. Video is powerful in social media, enhances your blog posts, and gets you extra attention on the YouTube platform. But it's also worth your time to design video specifically for integration into your website. Consider homepages for brands you've seen that have an impactful video that catches the eye and conveys the true spirit of the brand without scrolling feet of text to explain.

Corporate videos are particularly important if you are a consumer product site, as nothing displays the use or realistic qualities of your products quite like a video of the product in action. A video can convey your brand quickly, show off your product, connect with your users, and persuade a customer to buy something because they understand it more deeply.

Today, we're exploring the five essential corporate videos that every consumer product site should have.

1) A Quick Introduction

Craft a video for your homepage. Something that quickly and evokingly explains who your brand, what you make, and why you make it. Your quick introduction video should be no longer than a social media video because its goal is to act as landing-page content. You want users seeing your homepage for the first time to go "Oooh, what's that?" and then almost instantly understand why they are on your brand site and what they have to gain.

These videos need to be short, sweet, and punchy while also taking the place of a welcoming concierge. Figuratively, they open the door to your online shop and usher the customer inside.

2) Who We Are on the About Page

Not every customer reads the 'About' page, but those that do, care. They want to know not just about the product, but who your brand is and why you make the product. Customers who click the 'About' page want to know the story of your grandfather who worked on the factory floor every day of his life and invented a new type of orthotic to stay on his feet. Or your brilliant story of a bold entrepreneur who started in their garage with your neighbor as your first employee. They want to see the black-and-white photo of your grandfather or the hilarious phone-snaps of that original garage-office.

And in a video, you can tell that story in one elegant heartfelt experience. The Who We Are video on your about page is how you capture the hearts and instant sympathetic customer loyalty of customers who seek out that connection with their brands.

3) How to Use/Assemble Our Product(s)

For your next video or set of videos, you want to show customers the finer details of using your product. If you sell kit-furniture, make videos about how to quickly and easily put the furniture together. If you sell blenders, make a video displaying all of the blender's functions and the correct safe cleaning procedure.

The manuals sent with products don't always convey the full story, and many people are audio-visual learners rather than reading-learners. Videos that display your product's function in action are incredibly useful and customers who need them will love your brand for supplying this type of helpful walkthrough.

4) 360 Display Video for Each Product

360 videos are a special kind of video that allows a customer to see your product from every angle. Some are just a spinning product, some are click-and-drag controllable. To show that you are a truly cutting-edge brand, make a 360 display video for each and every one of your products in every available color. Your customers will appreciate being able to closely examine the aspects that matter most to them, sometimes aspects it would never occur to you to highlight specifically.

5) Product in Action or Testimonial Videos

Finally, the cherry on top of your corporate video collection are videos of your product in action and in real-world scenarios. Customer testimonial videos showing how they enjoy using your product are more powerful than twenty five-star reviews because they show your new leads and customers just how they could really put your product to use. Even if you don't have testimonials, a few prop-scenes and real-world application videos are worth their timestamps in gold for giving customers a real sense of size, function, and ideas for how they might use your product when they buy it.

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