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At Social Motion, our unique, custom filming process helps create engaging, shareable videos where your products are the stars.   



What we do

Achieve Your Goals 

We believe that video should drive results and help you meet your brand's goals. As veteran ecommerce

marketers for over 15 years as well as video producers, we know the power of measurement. 

Engage Your Audience 

Video should entertain as well as educate. Each video we design is engineered to drive a response from your target market. From clicking the buy button to “learn more” or “share”, our videos drive measurable engagement.  


Partner for Success

 We get it. You’re in business to drive a profit. At Social Motion, being your video partner means figuring out the best way to achieve your goals on time and on budget. We won’t be the cheapest, but we will find the most efficient way to deliver you the quality you expect.


We were interested in creating product videos for Amazon & Social Media. They made the whole process seamless, BUT... the final product wasn't so good... It was SPECTACULAR and absolutely blew us all away!!

Shaun R., Partner H.I.S Juveniles

I strongly recommend SMF to companies seeking to jump-start new business or take established brands to new levels.

We had so much fun working with the Social Motion team as they gave life to our vision! 

Martha S.,

Strategic Design Lead for Consumer Brands

- Pfizer

Eli B., Twillory

Brands we have worked with

world of eric carle logo 4
Go go Squeeze
Honest Kitchen

The Emmy

(Best for Social Media)

The Golden Globe

(Best for Products)


2 x 15 second social videos

5 x high resolution still images

1 x 30second HD product video


10 x high resolution still images


1 x Poster/Advertisement


1 x 10second cut down video


2 x 5second cut down videos​

The Oscar

(Best for Brands)

1 x 60second HD product video


10 x high resolution still images


1 x Poster/Advertisement


1 x 10second cut down video


3 x 5second cut down videos

Package Prices Starting From  5K
      Packages available on a monthly or                     single project basis


Giving back to community is where our story begins.


At a chance meeting in 2015, Daniel Cohen (holding the airplane), an award winning commercial film director from the U.K., and myself, Michael Arking (in leather), an e-commerce veteran and entrepreneur with 15 years experience, both volunteered our time for a New Jersey based non-profit.


We quickly realized that we had lots in common. Family values, creative interests, and a passion for our work.


Meeting over lunch, we discussed the shift in need for brands from traditional TV commercials to more nimble and affordable video content.


The industry was lagging behind with the kind of creative content that was needed to both sell product and engage audiences across social media.


We noted that our combined skill sets of ecommerce marketing and great storytelling could bring a whole new dynamic to video content and help companies sell more.


Today, we create engaging video content for companies you know and for those you will come to know.


Let us tell your story. Contact us today.



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