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Why You Should Invest in Amazon Sponsored Video Ads

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

One challenge Amazon sellers face is getting their brand across since prospective buyers only see product description text and plain images. However, you can overcome this challenge by taking advantage of the Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos.

What are Amazon Sponsored Video Ads?

Amazon sponsored video ads refers to video advertisements unique to members of the Amazon Brand Registry. These ads appear in the same space as traditional product ads halfway down the Amazon page. They allow you to share your brand story and explain about your product, if you so wish.

Why you need to use Amazon Sponsored Video Ads

Videos provide a compelling medium to explain your product but many other factors come into play when selling products on Amazon. Here are some reasons you need to use Amazon Video Ads:

Videos are more likely to attract clicks than digital ads:

Videos are generally more engaging compared to still images or text. Their Click Through Rate (CTR) is 7.5 times higher than display ads so they are likely to be more effective in advertising your products in Amazon.

Videos help you to show how to use the product:

People may not be convinced to buy products that require active use if they don't see a demonstration on how to use it. Videos allow sellers to show a product in use through a short video clip.

They are still new to Amazon sellers:

You have the opportunity to overtake many sellers still stuck in traditional ways since video ads are still new on Amazon. The feature was released only last year.

Most people are visual learners:

Most people tend to remember most videos they have watched and often use them as reference points. A video ad is likely to stick in the mind of the audience for a long time to come and may shape their buying decisions.

You can become a more successful Amazon seller by taking advantage of the Amazon Sponsored Video Ad feature. Partner with us at Social Motion Films for powerful, compelling, and insightful videos for Amazon selling or social video production. Contact us for more information about to see if we can become your NYC video production service.

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