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Using Stop Motion Video to Set the Tone for Your Brand- 3 Reasons Viewers Can't Get Enough

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Stop motion animation is a unique and eye-catching way to promote traffic to your business. This classic video technique is the only animation style that provides a physical representation of your message, and this is extremely impactful for viewers. These are the top three reasons you should consider implementing stop motion videography in your business plan.

What is Stop Motion?

Traditional animation is drawn by hand or computer-animated. Stop motion brings an added element of depth and realism by utilizing objects. The brain wants to use as many senses as it can when you perceive something, and stop motion accomplishes this by immersing the viewer in the physical setting.

The stop motion process is simple yet effective. An image is taken of the desired object in its initial form. It is then moved slightly and photographed in its new location. This process is then done hundreds or thousands of times until the objects reach their final positions. The images are played back rapidly by special software to create the illusion of free-moving objects.

1. It's Incredibly Interesting to Watch

An experienced stop motion videographer knows how to bring inanimate objects to life to tell a story. In a field oversaturated with digital animation and CGI, stop motion provides a sense of authenticity. People want to be able to tell "this was made by a human." This is comparable to the motivation that people have to support their local businesses; they don't want to support machines. The same sentiment will translate to your business by creating a tone of human-centered approachability.

2. It's Results Focused

With a single film second requiring 24 individual shots, it is clear to most that quality stop motion takes an incredible amount of patience and skill. This will set the tone that you are concerned with results, no matter what it takes. Harvard Business advice incorporating elements of cinema to create a captive and engaging viewing experience. This cinematic approach is ideal for an informative advertisement because the audience will want to watch until you end.

3. It Appeals to a Wide Audience

Stop motion appeals to a wide demographic. Cartoons used to be reserved for children, but with the success of raunchier productions such as Robot Chicken, stop motion is something that appeals to many. Animation gives your message a universal feel and conveys information through artistic and emotional appeal. Your audience will personally relate to your message- generating an instant increase in sales, no matter your specialty. 

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