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The Online Customer Journey

In most cases, a single video ad won’t close a sale.

Building a brand takes numerous interactions with your prospective customers to address them at different stages of their purchase journey. Here are the general stages of that journey:

  1. Problem aware

  2. Solution Aware

  3. Solution Compare

  4. Purchase

So how can video help?

Let's walk through an example:

Jenny is scrolling through social media when she spots a video ad for a new baby food… let’s call it “good baby”. It’s all-natural and allergy free. The video is top-of-the-funnel and features all the product benefits and rounds to about 30 seconds in length.

Jenny has thought about giving her baby more natural food for a while, but she wasn’t aware of a solution.. until now.

Jenny is now solution aware, but the story doesn’t end there. Jenny is not quite ready to buy yet. A few days later, Jenny views a user-generated video of a mom using “good baby” with her 2-year-old son and how thrilled she is with the results.

Jenny has now moved to the consideration stage, but she still wants more information. Now a series of follow-up branded ads are targeted to Jenny via remarketing.

The second ad is a cut-down version of the first Ad Jenny interacted with and reinforces that a good baby is made with just only 4 all-natural ingredients.

Jenny is now debating whether she should purchase Good Baby when she sees a series of six-second Ads over a few days, each focused on one key benefit of the product, and an offer of 20% off.

Jenny moves to the purchase stage. Afterward, further videos keep “good baby” top of mind for repeat purchases. As you can see Jenny ultimately made an informed decision about her purchase through a series of informational videos.

Video ads require much more than visually appealing graphics, in order for them to be truly successful, marketers have to put themselves in their prospective customers’ points of views. It’s essential to consider the stages of the customer journey: Problem aware, Solution Aware,Solution Compare, and Purchase.

When planning your next video campaign, think about how your video content can work together to address all areas of your client's journey.

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