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Success with Video on Amazon

Amazon is everything today…whether you’re buying, selling, or advertising….you can do it on Amazon, the e-commerce epicenter. So how can your product’s ad stand out from the crowd? First thing’s first, you should only create videos for products with a strong reputation. Never produce a video for a product that’s less than 3.5 stars. After all, a product should only be invested in if it performs as promised.

So where should your ad appear?

A sponsored video ad is usually displayed when a user searches a key term on Amazon like “small Bluetooth speaker”, for example.

The first question a video production agency like us asks is…

What stage is the consumer at in their purchase journey on Amazon?

In this case, they’re in the research stage and they haven’t selected a brand name or specific topic. This means that the consumer will see your video advertisement, along with competing brands as they scroll through the page.

You have less than a few seconds to make sure you capture their attention and the product is in frame. If your video moves to a wide shot of the room the speaker is being used in the first few seconds, you most likely will miss your opportunity to get a new consumer to click on it. So, here is the recap:

Keep your sponsored Ads under 20 seconds

Open with something that will grab viewers’ attention

Keep your product in a frame alongside interesting graphics and overlaid elements.

Lastly, your sponsored ad should not be so lengthy in detail that a customer loses interest. The “right” video is the one that instantly engages the viewer, leading them to click for further product information. The more clicks, the more sales.

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