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Stop Motion conveys the right tone for your business

Stop motion is one of the most innovative forms of filmmaking. It can be difficult to develop, but the results will leave your audience in awe and wonderment. From the Rankin-Bass holiday specials to the films of Tim Burton, stop motion has been incredibly popular in Hollywood. It is an incredible display of art that you can use in advertisements and branding.

Stop motion animation is filmed one frame at a time. Instead of traditional animation, filmmakers use physical objects and moves them in-between frames. This creates the illusion of movement. Many of the objects are made from clay, giving rise to the term, "Claymation." The Wallace and Gromit films are one of the finest examples of Claymation.

If you are looking to convey a certain tone in your film, stop motion can be a great option:

Family/children centric- Stop motion has been an incredibly popular method for family and children's films. They are often of a whimsical nature. If your business is family-friendly and geared towards children, stop motion can help convey that tone.

Comedy- Stop motion has also been used frequently in the comedy genre. "Faster funnier, faster funnier," is an oft-repeated rule of thumb for comedy. Stop motion, with its one frame at a time method, may seem out of place here. However, all comedies are not made the same. Visual humor can elicit just as many laughs as over the top dialogue. Stop motion can deliver subtly yet hilarious visual gags in your advertisements.

Fantasy- The fantasy genre has given us some of the most stunning visuals in film and television history. Fantasy films usually have a plethora of unique and sometimes grotesque creatures. Stop motion gives you the ability to create fantastical creatures. Many companies use animated characters in their advertisements. If you are considering this, stop motion is the way to go.

Stop motion animation creates some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring visuals. Depending on what kind of tone you are trying to convey, stop motion filming can give you that creative avenue. Social Motion Films will help you create unique and engaging videos that will create brand awareness and buzz for your business.

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