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7 Secrets to Make Your Next Marketing Video a Success

Creating a relationship with your clients is essential for the growth of your brand or business. Firms can create this connection with their target audience through marketing. There are numerous types of marketing strategies that companies can use to showcase their products and services. However, video marketing is one of the best because of its ability to evoke emotions, inspire, and appeal to the needs of your consumers in a real and authentic manner. Furthermore, the goal of any marketing strategy is to ensure that the information reaches the intended audience. This can only happen if the video goes viral and reaches as many people as possible.  

This year, it is projected that online content will consist of about 80 percent video marketing. Moreover, mobile consumption of video content has continuously been on the rise. Statistics indicate that:

  • 90 percent of customers depend on product videos to inform their purchasing decisions.

  • 95 percent of clients retain video marketing information, while a mere 10 percent retain information from reading marketing posts.

  • Video content can increase traffic on your website by 41 percent.

These data indicate that video marketing offers the best return on investments for your business. Therefore, it is essential to focus on producing captivating marketing videos to enhance the growth of your company and brand.

Here are the seven secrets to make your next marketing video a success:

1. Focus on Creating Stories, Not Sales

When creating your next marketing videos, you should remember that it is not about you, but the customers. Consequently, your video should create value for the viewer. Consumers are likely to ignore videos that are centered on driving sales or primarily focused on brands. Your storyline should connect with your intended viewers. Therefore, the aim of your video marketing content should be telling a cohesive and concise story. When this is achieved, consumers will connect with your video, and it will go viral.

2. Make the First Few Seconds Count

The online attention span is 8.5 seconds. This shows that your videos should bring your story to life as quickly as possible. The impact of creating a hook in the opening seconds is that it helps your viewers to gather interest in watching your video as they scroll through their feeds. Moreover, consumers develop confidence in your content because it creates an atmosphere that whatever they are about to watch is worth their time. For your next video, create a hook as early as possible and use thumbnails to make prospective consumers glued to your video.

3. Enhance Quality and Consistency

These two aspects make your video authentic in the eyes of your consumers. Consistency helps your brand to create a long-term relationship with your audience. Moreover, to maintain engagement with your viewers, having a high-quality video is a must.

You should be able to invest in the required equipment to have a quality video. If audio plays a vital part in your story, ensure you have an external microphone to enhance sound clarity. Look for an excellent tripod to keep your camera steady and to make a more professional video. The other factor to consider is lighting. Always ensure that you choose the appropriate light for your marketing video. These factors will help you to produce a high-quality video that will assist you in maintaining engagement with your intended audience because of their authenticity.

4. Shoot for the Right Platform

Every social media site has a different audience, and it is always important to share your videos on all the platforms. However, different social media platforms do not use the same landscape for videos. Consequently, it is your responsibility to optimize your marketing videos to fit the different channels.

5. Use the Human Factor in Your Videos

The more real your advert looks, the more you stand to gain. Elaborate productions are essential to enhance the quality of your video, but people trust people more. The consumers are looking forward to hearing from someone like them who is benefiting from your product or service. Therefore, incorporate clients' testimonials to make your video about the consumers and not you.

6. Educative and Humorous

Consumers have a short online attention span; your video should have the required humor to make your audience engaged. Furthermore, the video should be educative and help consumers learn about your products and services and the solution it offers to them.

7. Optimize Search

Any marketing strategy aims to reach as many prospective consumers as possible. People conduct more than 3.5 billion searches on Google per day. YouTube boasts of more than 3 billion searches per month, while more than 2 billion searches are conducted on Facebook per day. Therefore, for your product to be visible, you must optimize your video content for search.

You can achieve this in your next video by using keywords in your title, adding a description section to your video, and including calls to action.

Our goal at Social Motion Films is to help you create unique, custom videos that will appeal to the needs of your prospective audience. Contact us today for engaging and shareable videos.

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