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Marketing is not a checklist, it’s understanding your customer

Here are the top 3 reasons why:

We have all been there; looking at a customer’s needs and making up a list of items to cross off. Little do we realize that the key to marketing is not in hurried checklists, or rushing to finish tasks, but instead, it’s in understanding your customer.


Most marketers have checklist, sending a postcard, sending an email, instead of looking deeper into their customer’s need. Ask yourself these questions; Was there a call to action in your marketing campaign? Did you add a relevant image to your advertisement, pertaining to their needs? Focusing on your brand and marketing is only half of what’s important here; you have to find a common thread between you and your target audience. For example, we had a client that needed promotional and entertaining food product videos for their social media channels. We produced quality customized quick clips that engaged their audience and matched their brand. Be the answer to their question, not just the ad in their social media feed. By giving them a solution that they need as marketers, you find a commonality,”You need (A), well that’s great, we have (A) and (B)!” Focus on the customer at the start, rather than primarily up-selling what you’ve done in the past.

Investing Your Time and Focus

Showing a potential customer that they’re your top priority is the crux of understanding what they want. If your attempts to reach out to them seem half-baked or vague, it will seem like you really don’t have a vested interest in what they want. Showing that you care is about researching the industry you’re targeting and the niche issues that fall under those categories. Then, find a way to solve them in a way that is personal and understanding.

The Actual End Results

The last mile is the most important in a project. Whether it be a product you’re delivering, or a service, your final outcome will be infinitely better if you sympathize with and comprehend the needs of your customer. It is imperative that you show the potential customer that because you care about their problems, your company is the best option for them.

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