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Essential Guide to Video Tone: How to Tell Your Brand's Story Across Platforms

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Branding is vital in business if you want your audience to recognize your products and services. If you're thinking about producing brand videos, there are a few things in addition to production quality to consider.

Of course, you want to post your video online where your prospective customers will see it many times over. But you also want to upload videos of varying lengths, depending on the platform.

Video tone is all about how to use video across platforms to spread brand awareness.

The fun of it is that you have an opportunity to develop a brand voice that goes beyond advertisement. Here's your essential guide to video tone and how to tell your story across platforms.

What is Video Tone?

Your brand has a personality. Consider the company's values and what it is your business offers that make it stand out.

Maybe you're an authority in your industry, and you want to educate others. The characters in your brand's video must reflect that idea.

On the other hand, the tone could be playful, silly, trendy, and so on. Think about the hamsters that entertain us in the old Kia commercials, the Geico Gecko, or Flo from Progressive. These are only a few memorable brand videos.

All the best brand videos have some things in common—They know how to develop and use video tone:

Consistent brand voice  Memorable characters Show your service or product through the story Use a script Don't make it a sales pitch Make it shareable

Once you understand your brand story, consider how long each version should be to get the most out of the platforms where you post. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, or your website, taking the time to understand the optimal length for each platform will result in better returns, with clicks and shares.

For example, How-to videos on YouTube are an excellent way to tell your brand story and promise results when you know that how-to searches grow by 70 percent every year on the video-sharing platform. If you have something to teach, an educational video on YouTube sets the tone.

According to HubSpot —the best length for a Facebook video is one minute, and it's half that for Instagram. If that surprises you, then you can see why it pays to research to help set the tone for your video on each platform.

Work with the Pros

If you're ready to start telling your brand story with video, it pays to work with professionals. At Social Motion Films, we collaborate with you to develop your series of videos with video tone and company branding in mind. Get in touch for a consultation.

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