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Ads for Amazon, Social Media, and Connected TV

Updated: 4 days ago

A lot of planning and difficult decision making goes into video production. Just because a video may appear “simple” in composure, does not mean that it was simple to create. All this considered, video ad design can vary from platform to platform. Video ads made for Amazon, social media, connected TV Ad (or OTT), all hold different standards for length, visual aesthetics and framing.

Let’s start with Amazon Sponsored Ads:

Amazon Sponsored Ads should be up to 45 seconds in length, however, the best results are typically around 20 seconds. These videos have to be very product-focused. More often than not, the video will grab the attention of your prospects right out of the gate during the first few seconds.

Amazon sponsored ads are not designed to explain every single feature of your product, instead they quickly appear to be the solution to what customers are searching for. That being said, if customers are searching for the best humidifier, the said product (humidifier) needs to be in frame most of the time before shoppers lose interest. The goal of the video is to lead to as many clicks to the product page as possible.

Speaking of product pages on Amazon, here is your chance to give the skinny on all the features of your product. This page is for showcasing products’ benefits, their standout qualities and just answering any general questions or concerns. This video can range from 30 seconds to a minute. The point here is to have enough time to cover the simple complexity of your product so that the customer makes the decision to buy.

Instagram or Facebook:

Ads on social channels such as Instagram or Facebook have to entertain as well as sell. Remember, these ads are interrupting a person scrolling through their phone with no real intent of purchase, so the content must convey a lot in a small amount of time. We recommend a series or ad starting with a 30 second intro to your product or brand, moving to a 15 second reinforcement video, and finally 6 second videos that push one key selling point or brand promise. Most of these ads will be wanted without sound, so text is critical for understanding the product. The text should be short in length and provide key selling points. For example, text phrases such as, “only 15 calories” or “soft as a cloud” highlight products’ unique qualities in only three or four words.

Connected TV:

Last but not least, we recommend voice over for Connected TV, as these Ads are very top of the funnel. These ads should showcase products’ ability to solve problems people can relate to. So, it’s important to humanize the company or service with visuals and styles that will resonate with your core audience.

Ads for Amazon, social media,and Connected TV differ in numerous ways, but all hold the common goal of grabbing viewers’ attention as quickly as possible and thus leading to increased product sales.

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