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6 Popular Messages for 'Who We Are' Videos

In the current business climate, audiences are clamoring for more than just words and images. They want experiences. They want to get to know their brands and either understand or become a part of your brand identity. This is why social media marketing is so effective right now, and why video is the leading media source for on-site, off-site, and in-person marketing. 

When it comes to connecting with your audience, few things are more important than your 'Who We Are' corporate video. This video tells your audience not just what you sell or the services you offer, but how and why and the story behind your brand. Customers click your About page. They read your Twitter feed. They do this because they want to know your brand.

So today, we're presenting the top six most popular types of 'Who We Are' corporate video messages to help you decide how to present your own brand in video form.

1) We Are the Future

Your brand is either sleek and small or monolithic. You specialize your products in only the most cutting-edge and finely produced in the industry and you are not held back by old conceptions of business. Your team members carry tablets and there may be smart-home features automating your office. Your process is all about looking forward and your brand is built not around meeting conventions, but ushering in the next generation of technology, convenience, and quality never before conceived by your so-called competition.

You are the future and your brand is built entirely around making that future The Now.

2) We Are Carrying On a Family Tradition

You are a down-home local brand that started with heartwarmingly humble beginnings. You are still run by children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of the original founder and you still have the black-and-white photos of the original founder smiling in front of their first storefront or holding their first prototyped product. You want to convey a sense of history and respect for the values that formed your business in the first place. You sell something or provide a service that people needed fifty years ago and still need today like comfortable shoes, a trustworthy locksmith, or reliable home services.

3) We Are the Skilled Experts You Need

Your brand was founded on the practical need for skilled services. You know that every business and/or consumer needs the help of skilled technicians and so your company has dedicated itself to putting together the team they need. Your technicians are accredited, experienced, and their skills fire-tested in hundreds of services to clients just like those watching the video. You may be anything from appliance repair technicians to network administrators and software programmers, and whatever service you offer, your brand is built on providing the most high-quality and reliable technical services in the business. Customers can trust you because technical skills and customer satisfaction are all you care about.

4) We Are the Hip New Thing

Your brand was founded by young people for young people featuring the trendiest, hottest, and most customizable new thing on the market. Small startups are often the hip new thing because the entire brand is based around providing something so new there may not even be a market for it yet. But the moment the world sees what you have to offer, they'll all be clamoring for it. You have your fingers on the pulse of the crowds and your first customers are the hippest trend-setters in their individual industries or social circles.

5) We Are Your Neighbors

Your brand offers something locally that other brands try to offer as if local doesn't matter. You know what your customers want and need because you are just like them. You live down the street, your children go to the same schools, and when bad weather hits you're watching the rain just like everyone else. You may be roofers, on-site technicians, senior living communities, or local store owners. But the one thing that sets you apart from the competition is that you are locally owned and operated so you understand the needs of your customers because you are one of them in every meaningful way.

6) We Are the Essence of Refinement

You are a hospitality or event services brand that offers a refined experience that customers simply cannot get at home and is impossible to DIY. The experiences you create for your customers are an elegant dance of logistics, luxury, and class that has been curated for hundreds of years in the industry. You feature renowned chefs, world-class decorators, and have pulled together all the elements of a luxury experience so that your clients can step out of the gritty real world into a dream, if only for a few hours or days while you take care of everything. Hotels, restaurants, catering services, and event coordinators show that they know exactly what the customer wants to experience and will make it happen with seemingly no effort at all.


Each of these 'Who We Are' video messages have been used many times by many different types of brands. And each time, the video itself is honed to represent the true personality, history, and experience that your brand has to offer. Which one is right for you? Chances are, you already know because you saw your brand reflected in the message and you are already presenting yourself with the right theme in mind.

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