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5 Types of Videography Styles for Your Food & Beverage Brand

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Are you a CEO in the food & beverage industry who does not know what a Mukbang is or knows what it is but does not understand the hype behind it?

Are you trying to figure out how to elevate your brand’s engagement, growth, and sales to the next level?

Well, here is the secret. It’s the marriage between food and videos. If humans love food, who wouldn’t want to watch a video of their food or drink 24/7? Maybe not a Mukbang of a guy eating 15x entrees in one sitting after you finished a big dinner. But don’t be surprised when you find out one of your friends does!

In recent years, food content has skyrocketed through accounts like @noleftovers where Jackie takes you around the world through her bites while leaving no leftovers behind. During the height of 2020’s pandemic, super child Grey from @greyandmama brought millions of people together through his charming videos that reminded us of the power of gratitude and enjoying the simplest things in life, like a home-cooked meal from your mom! Thank you, mama! You see, the star quality in food exists and their time to shine has never been better. Now is the time to bring your products to life!

A rise in heavily watched food content paired with an exponential jump in mobile and internet users is a match made for heaven. Based on research from Millward Brown Digital, Firefly, and Google, an astounding number of people are watching food videos on Youtube; last year alone, views for food and recipe content grew 59%, and social engagement (such as likes, comments, and shares) on food channels rose by 118%. The hard truth is that these social media algorithms like it when people stay on the app for a long time. That means if you post high-quality content like videos, you will show up more on the social media feed, thus elevating your brand awareness to the next level. Since video views are free and ad cost is low, the pros outweigh the cons when quality video production is paired with social media for food brands. During this competitive time, it is essential to use professional video production to ensure an unwavering online-presence and stay ahead of the curve. So here are 5x video styles to grow your food or beverage business.

Stop Motion:

First up, we have the film technique called stop motion. It creates the illusion of moving objects when a series of photographed frames are playing. Stop motion style is used to increase brand awareness, through its artisanal, quirky, and sometimes disruptive vibe. Although it may be a short 10 - 20 second video, the work behind it is very tedious. As a result, many people are intrigued by the work and love sharing and tagging people in these videos.

This style is now relevant more than ever after McDonalds’ introduced a meal named after one of today’s most famous rappers, Travis Scott. The Travis Scott meal commercial used a stop motion type of video to bring an action figure of the rapper to life. Furthermore, brands like Kettle Chips, Hershey, and Sprite, are currently using this method to add magic to their online presence.

Live Action:

The following cinematographic technique is not too different from what it sounds. It uses real-life props, sets, and humans to create film shots similar to the real world. The purpose of live-action is to create a personal and relatable experience for the audience. For example, in Innocent Drink’s Christmas ad, the magnetic actors and real-life props like the superhero Santa costume all come together to develop a personal connection to the children who are watching the film. This film style sends a message to the viewers that there is still hope for Santa Claus in 2020, regardless of the tough times.

The live-action style is a perfect way to utilize charisma to deliver engaging and relatable storylines for your customers. The second Innocent Drink video is an example of how real-life products can own the spotlight and become the star of the story.

Motion Graphics:

Another popular film style is motion graphics. It captivates the audiences through a combination of colors, shifting animations, catchy jingles, and ad copy in a matter of a couple of seconds to a minute long. Since simple texts are major components of motion graphics, it's the perfect videography style for food companies who wish to market their product through display ads and/or video production for social media.

Take a look at this snackable-sized video for Skinny Dipped Almond that's packed with catchy tunes, colorful shapes, and full of vibrant energy to convey simple information- that they're super awesome! You have probably seen this package with a gigantic mouth-watering chocolate-covered almond smacked in the middle of the colorful bag chilling on the grocery shelves. And you have probably seen people taking selfies with these photogenic chocolate-almonds all over social media. The video below is a motion graphic styled video Social Motion Films did for Caulipower!


This particular filming method has traditional roots going back to the classic Mickey Mouse days where Walt Disney drew multiple images to bring the exuberant mouse to life. It was essential for animators to draw each frame to create moving pictures. Today technology has allowed people to create animations in 2-dimensional space thus, giving rise to digital 2D animation. It is usually cheaper and easier to animate an imaginary character or a fictional environment than to recreate them in real life. Animation style provides flexibility in changing the color or customizing the frame rate to the brand's liking. This filming approach is a stellar option to show off brand style or use for internal videos with an educational purpose.

Notable companies like Starbucks and The Honest Kitchen use animation to attract audiences. This particular style gradually builds a deep storyline to deliver the company’s message. Below is an animation film of Starbucks ’ first store located in 1912 Pike Seattle. They use this video technique to show how everything started with the love and appreciation for coffee beans. The Honest Kitchen video shows how animation can be used as an internal video to educate employees.


Finally, for those that like all the types of video styles and cannot pick one, luckily, we have the answer for you! Our very own hybrid style video creatively blends all of the video production techniques mentioned above to bring out that magic within your product and brand. If you are daring enough to explode with engagement through an entertaining, informative, and memorable touch, this particular social video production is for you!

In our newest Vitamin Friends video below, you will see how this little girl creatively problem solves when her mom gives her bland vitamin tablets. We don’t want to spoil the video so press play to see what happens! WARNING: be prepared for bursting flavors!


Hopefully by now you know your favorite video style and understand why people like Gary Vaynerchuck are saying post more videos! Professionally made films will level up your brand to the top.

We are curious to hearing your favorite type of film style so comment a #1 for Stop Motion, #2 for Live Action, #3 for Motion Graphics, #4 for Animation, and #5 for the Hybrid style film.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share, like, comment, subscribe, and follow us on social media to get early access to our newest videos!

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