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5 Reasons Why Video is Exploding

1. Social Media

With the ever expanding nature of social media platforms, it’s becoming difficult to keep up! Sometimes a brand’s message can get caught in the social media void. However, videos speak louder than written words and do more to bring your product to life.

2. Text vs Videos

We remember much more of what we hear and see than what we read. Video is more memorable and exciting than a static image or text. With videos like quick clips, your message comes across in a vivid and clear way.

3. Interactive quality

Connecting with your audience through video has been found to be the most personal and effective way to promote a food product. In Social Motion Film’s videos for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and Kettle Chips, the audience was engaged by fun scenes, colors, and music with character and vivacity.

4. Website Content

Customers that visit your website expect to be wow-ed, so wow them! Many companies are using video to draw in more website visitors. Add more captivating videos to your website to increase your engagement and drive interest in your product.

5. A Demand for Product Creativity

In today’s market, an HD picture of your product isn’t going to cut it. Audiences want to be engaged and entertained now more than ever, they want to see your product in action. Social Motion Films can bring your business to life, because making your product the star is our specialty.

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