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We’re the first company to offer a monthly video subscription that meets the demands of maintaining an effective social presence. Our Customer Video Journey package is built to make sense for the way online video campaigns—and budgets—work.

 Customer Video Journey

While one video can capture your prospect's attention, you need a video strategy that covers the complete customer journey.  Our unique approach cost-effectively addresses the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel to build your brand and deliver sales.

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 Subscriptions as low as 3.5K per month  

Single Journey

(25 Visual Assets)

Single Journey

1 package 

1x  30 sec HD Master Video                            + 2 additional aspect ratios

1x    15 sec HD Cut Down

         + 2 additional aspect ratios

4x    6 sec  custom video ads

5x  HD GIFs

10x   HD Stills

25 Visual Assets

Quarterly Journey

4 packages/year

4x  30 sec HD Master Video                          + 8 additional aspect ratios

4x    15 sec HD Cut Down

           + 8 additional aspect ratios

16x    6 sec  custom video ads

20x  HD GIFs

40x  HD Stills

100 Visual Assets

Monthly Journey

6 packages/year

1 Journey delivered every 8 weeks

6x   30 sec HD Master Video                          + 12 additional aspect ratios

6x     15 sec HD Cut Down

             + 12 additional aspect ratios

24x    6 sec  custom video ads

30x   HD GIFs

60x   HD Stills

150 Visual Assets

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